Massage Services



Before each massage session, you will have the opportunity to discuss specific areas of concern or discomfort with the massage therapist.  Our therapist is trained in a number of modalities including: Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Stress Release, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Therapeutic and Myofascial Release.  Often a combination of these techniques are used to customize a massage for your individual needs

30 Minutes ~ $45.00
45 Minutes ~ $60.00
60 Minutes ~ $80.00
90 Minutes ~ $100.00

ADD HOT STONES: The massage therapist will incorporate hot stones to increase relaxation and work deeper into the muscles ~ $20.00

ADD FOOT REFLEXOLOGY: (See "Reflexology" service)
15 Minutes ~ $25.00

PREGNANCY MASSAGE:  A gentle and effective massage technique specifically designed for pregnant women to help relieve common pregnancy discomfort, prepare your body for delivery, relieve emotional tension, improve sleep patterns and promote mother and baby's well being.
50 Minutes ~ $75.00

REFLEXOLOGY: Based upon a principle called zone therapy. There are many points of energy in the hands and feet which correspond to organs in the body.  By receiving a pressure point massage of the feet, the body will release tension and toxins.
45 Minutes ~ $55.00

This 15 Minute Massage might be just what you need.  A "quick fix" for that pesky knot, that headache that just won't go away or those tired hands and feet. You choose the part of the body causing the stress and let us do the rest.  Fully clothed.  You will either lay on the massage table or sit in a chair designed specifically for this service while you Relax...on the Go.
15 Minutes ~ $20.00







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